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Our Products

Our products can be custom designed and custom built for your needs and solutions, or they can be your design.  Whatever the needs we can help provide solutions.

  • Multi Station Grinding Fixtures for turbine blades sized small to large

    • Hydraulic or Manual​

    • LED Load Detection


  • Fixtures for Complex Geometry Turbine Engine Shrouds 

    • Hydraulic or Manual​

    • LED Load Detection


  • Mill Fixtures for small components to large locomotive engine components

  • EDM Fixtures with LED Part Load detection

  • CMM Fixtures

  • Airfoil Chord Width Gages

  • Encapsulation Dies

  • Complex and Low Volume Rocket and Spacecraft Hardware

  • Guillotine Gages

  • Airfoil Encapsulation Dies to ensure airfoil protection during further manufacturing processes

  • Crimper Machines for various industries

  • Airfoil Forge Dies

  • Prototyping

Tool Steels

  • 4140

  • A2

  • D2

  • S7

  • CPM-10V


  • Titanium 

  • Inconel

  • Maraging

Stainless Steel

  • 300 Series

  • 400 Series

  • 17-4

  • 15-5

  • Nitronic 60


  • 6061

  • 7050

  • 7075


  • Onyx with continuous carbon fiber reinforcement

Special Processes

We have access to world class  ISO9001 & NADCAP certified special processes vendors which allows us to quickly turn around your solutions. 


  • Heat Treat 

  • Anodize

  • Passivation

  • Hard Chrome 

  • NDT

  • Proof Load Testing

At Layke Tool we specialize in finding solutions to your manufacturing needs through all phases of your production. From concept to final verification we can custom design and build a product that fills your needs. OR we can build your custom designed parts.   


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